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amazing Wadaiko group

If you’re free on August 8/9th and want to watch the most amazing Wadaiko group, come up to Fuchu to watch Fuchu’s own Garyu perform as part of their tenth anniversary tour. I’ve been asked to help promote the show to the international community in Hiroshima. They are incredible, incorperating a modern twist to the traditional wadaiko. Check them out here;
Event details;
Wood arena in fuchu.(near higashi high school)
Address 416-4 Habu chou Fuchu city
Tel: 0847-41-8500
Gates open at 5pm, show starts at 6pm
Advanced Tickets
One day ticket 3,000 yen
Two day ticket 5,000 yen.
Under 15s
One day advance ticket is 1,000 yen
Two days is 1,800 yen
Under 6(kindergarten)
If no seat – Free
Tickets on the door = 3,500 yen
How to buy tickets;
Call Garyu’s affice; 0847-49-0789
Fuchu Tenmaya, Fuchu culture centre, Edion Hiroshima, Wood arena.
LAWSON Ticket(L cord 66474)
e + and Family mart